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White Label Films is a video, film, and digital cinema production company.

We provide a full service from pitch to delivery, but focus particularly on working closely with knowledgeable creative agencies and corporate clients who need extra expertise and production capacity in order to realise a specific vision.

Our staff comprises producers, directors, and technicians, who continue to build on their extensive experience in the film and advertising industries, are used to working to the highest standards, and who understand the demands of high-end clients. In addition we are able to draw on the talents of a wide range of associates and freelances.

We pride ourselves on our ability to deliver on time and on budget, and to exceed expectations. Because we are confident in the quality of our content we offer:

  • An itemised budget
  • A transparent production process
  • A modest production charge conditional on client satisfaction

If you’d like to know more about us please phone us on +44 (0) 20 3417 2311, email us at, or use the form below.

Dick Jones

Creative / Production

Having graduated from Cambridge University and joined the industry as a runner, Richard worked his way up to directing. As a 1st AD he has worked on many music videos, commercials and feature films including videos for Robbie Williams, campaigns for Vodafone, and feature films including “London to Brighton”. His award-winning short film-noir “A Nice Touch” starring Paloma Faith and Dougray Scott is available on iTunes (but you can save yourself 99p and email us if you’d like to see it). He owns a vintage Bond motorcar which one day he intends to restore himself – he could have paid someone to do it many times over for what it has cost him to store it over the years.

Roger Bowles

Camera / Production

An engineer by training, Roger’s film background is in the camera department as technician, crew member and cameraman. Since 1997 he has been involved in productions ranging from run-and-gun single camera documentaries for the BBC and Channel 4, and PSC and live camera for Sky News, to big budget feature films such as RED 2 and Edge of Tomorrow. He is also experienced in live music (ACDC, Madonna, Rolling Stones) and live TV (X-Factor, Strictly, The Voice). For more info visit When not writing, producing or shooting he likes to practice tai chi, guitar, and cooking Italian food. He needs the practice.

Steve Watson

Post Production / Camera

An experienced Director of Photography, Steve brings to his VFX work an instinctive understanding of how to blend computer generated elements and live action to create a convincing whole. When not transfixed by his computer screen Steve enjoys cycling and preparing Thai curries, and has reached insanely high scores drumming on Xbox’s Rock Band.

Frans Timmermans

Accounts / Project Development

His varied career has seen Frans take on many roles including production accountant on feature films such as Bertolluci’s “The Last Emperor”. He is involved in the development of ethical businesses including organic bakeries and sustainable forestry and runs the “Tales of the World” website, which documents handed down folk stories. A wine lover, Frans has been known to cut a dash at a black-tie event.

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